Coming up with ideas while balancing work

How do you come up with ideas consistently while balancing work? I asked Aakansha Menon about this. She’s a Bangalore based illustrator who has been featured on prominent publications like The Hindu, The Hardcopy & Co and The Creative Gaga among many others. Watch this short clip to find out how she comes up with ideas for… Continue reading Coming up with ideas while balancing work

In Conversation with Priya Choudhary

The last episode of ‘In Conversation With Creatives’ for 2020 is now live! For episode 4, Priya Choudhary joins me to talk about her journey into graphic design, her design process and shares some insightful study materials for aspiring and beginner graphic designers. I hope you all enjoy this!

What is PR?

Public Relations is one of the most effective ways to create a strong brand reputation. A while back when I spoke to Renuka Neelagandan, I asked her about it with a very simple question: What is PR? Watch the video below to know her answer. Also, you can find the link to the full episode on… Continue reading What is PR?

Do companies really think about consumer insights?

A few months back I sat down with Rahul Suresh to talk about all things related to consumer insights. We ended up with an hour-long episode power-packed with insights. Here’s a snippet from that: You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or YouTube.Check it out if you haven’t yet! Build a better brand with Gopigraphy – Global… Continue reading Do companies really think about consumer insights?