Modeling a childhood memory

I believe I was a part of the last generation to use a floppy disk. Even with all its limitations, a state-of-the-art 3.5-inch floppy disk with a massive 1.44MB storage capacity, was “enough” back then. I remember one of the first awards I ever won was for a PPT I made for a school competition.… Continue reading Modeling a childhood memory

Taking things apart

About two decades back I took apart my first lighter. I am really good at taking things apart. And only average at putting them back together. But it’s always fun to see what makes stuff work. Last week I took apart another lighter to model it in 3D. And I am still pretty mind-blown by… Continue reading Taking things apart

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Comparing NFTs & Brands

Over the last several months, “fungible” has become a word we have heard over and over again (thanks to Web3). It turns out that the concept of fungibility (or non-fungibility) can be applied to the world of business & brands as well. Most products & services are fungible. A lot of companies can offer the… Continue reading Comparing NFTs & Brands

A Valentine’s Day Gift

Over the past many years I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to design for some truly remarkable brands. For every single one of those projects, I’ve had to scour the internet looking for inspiration & references. And I’ve always wished it was easier to find great design work to learn from. Out of… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Gift