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For a long period of my life, I had failed to create work that I truly loved.

Most of my “fresh ideas” would be brutally rejected without any explanations.
And, after a lot of rejections, I was forced to introspect.

I realised, even before I would meet or talk to my clients, I was already solving their problems.
I would assume they didn’t know what they wanted & work on what I felt would be interesting.
After my meetings, I would rush to design whatever I felt was needed to “complete” the task.

And more often than not I was rejected (no surprise there!). But these rejections forced me to change my ways.
I started spending a lot more time with my clients trying to understand what they needed.

This meant asking questions till I deeply understood the task at hand.
Initially, I was scared of asking too many questions. I felt they would feel I am incompetent or stupid.

But, contrary to what I thought, my clients were actually happy to answer my questions!
Some even felt that my questions helped clarify their own thoughts.

Those few extra hours at the beginning of every project drastically changed the outcome of the projects and improved customer satisfaction as well!

In the latest issue of our newsletter, I talk more about this with some useful questions to help your clients open up! Find the link to subscribe here.

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