Modeling a childhood memory

I believe I was a part of the last generation to use a floppy disk. Even with all its limitations, a state-of-the-art 3.5-inch floppy disk with a massive 1.44MB storage capacity, was “enough” back then. I remember one of the first awards I ever won was for a PPT I made for a school competition.… Continue reading Modeling a childhood memory

Taking things apart

About two decades back I took apart my first lighter. I am really good at taking things apart. And only average at putting them back together. But it’s always fun to see what makes stuff work. Last week I took apart another lighter to model it in 3D. And I am still pretty mind-blown by… Continue reading Taking things apart

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Fascinated with hinges

3D forces you to inspect the world & appreciate the small things. This apple mint box, took 4 days & 3 redos to get right.While it looks like a simple box, creating the hinge at the back was a total pain. I had to examine it for days to be able to recreate it. Long… Continue reading Fascinated with hinges

Learning 3D

Here’s an update on my journey to learning 3D: 3D has been something I have put off learning for the last 10 years.Simply because the process of learning a completely new program can be daunting. I’ve always felt I don’t have time to learn it while running a design studio full-time.In December of 2021, I… Continue reading Learning 3D

Learning 3D

Spent some more time last weekend learning 3D. This time with some type and procedural textures! Here’s a fun fact: The grassy image took close to 30 minutes to render a single frame!

50 days of 3D

In 2021, I started a personal project to learn 3D: Make something in 3D for 50 consecutive days! Have a look:

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3D Progress

Spent some time modelling these over the weekend.Far from perfect, but seems like a decent start!

Making 3D integral to Gopigraphy

Been working on making 3D a more integral part of my project workflow. Here’s a sneak peek at our logo animation in three dimensions! Build a better brand with Gopigraphy – Global Brand Design Studio