Do you really need to build a brand?

Do you really need to build a brand?

Whether you do it intentionally or choose not to, your customers will always have a perception of your business.

In fact, everything you do, right from picking up the phone when a prospect calls you to how you resolve conflicts has an impact on your brand.

A brand is, in fact, not the logo or even your product, it’s the gut feeling someone has about your business. A brand exists inside the minds of your customer.

And, to a large extent you can influence how people think about your business. With deliberate efforts in narrowing down your focus on what resonates deeply with you, your employees & customers, you can improve your brand’s presence.

Last month Shefali spent a lot of time researching this subject to write a killer resource that contains everything you need to know about this. It’s so good & detailed, you would want to bookmark this one!

Click on the link to read more about it!

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