Launching a newsletter!

I am excited to announce the launch of our monthly design newsletter!

When I started my first design studio, we used to have an email thread called the “Thread of Interesting Design Stuff” & everyone would contribute to that whenever they found something interesting on the internet.

A new email on that thread was something I would always look forward to. And I felt it was time to relaunch that. But this time, it’s not an internal mail thread, but a monthly newsletter!

So, is this for you?

I’ll let you decide but here’s what all we’ll be covering:
👉 Upcoming design events you could attend
👉 Inspiring projects from around the world
👉 Design Resources
👉 Blogs covering the latest design trends & news!

Sounds exciting? We sure are! 🥳

Our first issue will be sent out on Monday, 7th May and we’ll be creating a newsletter every month.

If you want in click here!

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