Should your brand’s name be written in lowercase?

Should your brand’s name be written in lowercase?

A while back I was presenting the visual identity for one of my clients. They loved how the typography, colors & branded assets came together to tell one cohesive story.

But, they had one major objection: They didn’t like the name of the brand spelled in ALL CAPS in the logo as it felt like someone was shouting their name.

In my defence, the name of the brand had a single descender & multiple ascenders (eg. ’b’ has an ascender & ‘g’ has a descender) which made balancing the logotype really hard.

And, I couldn’t think of a single brand that used all caps. Google, Microsoft & Spotify use Title Case. Amazon, pepsi & intel use lower case. So, I ended up changing it to lowercase to get an approval.

Yesterday, I was working on a brand name with a similar problem & I knew I was going to face the same objection. But I was determined to make a better case this time around. So, I did some research and was surprised to find so many famous brands using ALL CAPS!

I ended up compiling this list into a blog post. I hope you find this useful the next time you need to make this decision!

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